Blog / Our Love Of Mid Century Furniture.

It is our love of Mid Century Furniture which drove us to open Kingdom Furnishings.

My first awakening to all things Mid Century came from my lust for Mid Century chairs and realising how comfortably they sit within contempory spaces.

We can’t all have the perfect homes with amazing spaces filled only with our chosen treasure.

Not every home is picture perfect and a backdrop for a potoshoot for a glossy interior magazine. Instead they are the backdrop to our lives with the wonderful chaos of family, children,

pets and busy lives dictating how we use our space.

That being said our home is also our haven, our sanctury and as with my lust for Mid Century chairs and  their sleek silhoettes these pieces become our must have items!

I imagine how I will feel when sat reading in that chair, the chaos can continue around me but there I shall be serene and as cool and comfortable as that chair I have dreamed of aquiring!

This is how we select the pieces for our shop. Would that work in a modern home? Would that piece grow with you and become one of your favourite things?

This is exactly what happened to Kingdom Owner Phil and his beloved Falcon chair. Whilst researching beautiful Scandinavian  seating Phil found the Norweigian Highback Falcon Chair,

designed by Sigurd Ressell and produced by Vatne Mobler.


The Falcon chair is a design masterpiece and is now an iconic piece of Norwegian design history.

Its beautifully lived in brown leather cushion sits upon the hammock style seat and it is as comfotable as it is handsome.

So Phil first found the image and now he had to find the chair! It had to be the rare and highly sought after high backed model with the steel frame which was only produced between

1971-73 as it deemed to expensive to produce and distribute because of its weight and was therefore replaced by a more lightweight wood version. Never one to opt for the easy option

but with dogged determination Phil found that chair and it sits beautifully within our small Boutique waiting for its next owner.

So our mission continues, to keep searching for those beautiful must have pieces, the piece of furniture you cant live without that will continually brighten your day and sit comfatably within

your space as your very own chosen treasure.

The search continues………..

If you would like us to source items for you please get in touch, send us an e mail and we shall get cracking!

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